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SHOWDOWN: Who Is The LAMEST Avenger?

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Life is about hard decisions and I don't like those kind of decisions. They make me itchy. Joining the list of epic choices, is this week's SHOWDOWN. Who is the  LAMEST Avenger. You know the team  probably wouldn't mind losing one of their weaker links! Who do you think that is?


Iron Man

iron man avengers


Iron Man is pretty awesome….as long you don't break his heart…arc reactor that is. Plus he's a little full of himself. That can can pretty annoying, even when the person is all kinds of awesome. Bring down morale much?



The Hulk

hulk avengers


He's the Hulk! He smashes! Um…okay. Bruce Banner I' m down with. But Hulk is little 'roid ragey…yes?



hawkeye avengers


 I guess Hawkeye is kind of cool…his name is pretty rad. But honestly Katniss Everdeen might be the better badass archer choice. Just Sayin'!



thor avengers


Oh, Thor! I'll admit you have a huge and powerful hammer. But you kind of got a Fabio vibe going on. And that's not cool.


Captain America

rebecca black


Is it anti-American to dislike Captain America? NO. He's boring. And I'm a little suspicious of that experimental serum he was injected with. WTF was that? I think it would get you banned from baseball.


Black Widow

hot problems


She's definitely the hottest Avenger. But is she an important member of the team or just a sweet piece of eye candy?

So who will it be? WHO IS THE LAMEST? Choose wisely and VOTE in the poll below!


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