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SHOWDOWN: Who Is More Annoying: Twihards Or Beliebers?

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Life is about hard decisions and I don't like those kind of decisions. They make me itchy. Joining the list of epic choices, is this week's SHOWDOWN. Who is MORE annoying? Beliebers or Twihards?  I know, I know it's like choosing between eating a poop sandwich or a turd stew. IMPOSSIBRU!



bieber fans


One Direction  is giving Bieber a run for his money in the annoying fan department. But Bieber still remains King of all the raging tweeners who have a thing for Lisa Frank stickers and non-threatening girlish-boy child thingies. When they're not busy journaling about their future dream husband, they spend their time pushing needles into Selena Gomez voodoo dolls and crying about rumored Bieber pubic hair. LEAVE BIEBER ALONE!



twilight fans


The worst thing about Twihards is that they think they're 'edgy'. YOU'RE OBSSESSED WITH THE MOVIE VERSION OF BIEBER!! They live in a fantasy world, where moody shut-in girls get the guy of their dreams. REALITY CHECK! Most of you are just chicks who need Proactive suffering through the indignity of going to second base with guys in Team Edward shirts.  Let's grow up, shall we?

So who will it be? WHO IS THE MOST ANNOYING? Choose wisely and VOTE in the poll below!


Who Is More Annoying: Beliebers Or Twihards?

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