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SHOWDOWN: Who Sings Worse? Rebecca Black Or The ‘Hot Problems’ Girls?

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Life is about hard decisions and I don't like those kind of decisions. They make me itchy. Joining the list of epic choices, a list that include 'Which seat will I take?', we come to this truly caterwauling choice–Who Sings Worse? Rebecca Black Or The 'Hot Problems' Girls?? GAH!


Rebecca Black

rebecca black


After this song came out last year, it played in my head on an endless loop that literally almost sent me to the loony bin. Yes the song is repetitive and annoying. But it's the 'singing' of 'vocalist' Becky B that takes it to 'nails on a chalkboard' levels of ear murder. AUTOTUNE IS NOT YOUR FRAND! When it comes to bad singing, it seems she ca not be beat…OR CAN SHE?


The'Hot Problems' Girls

hot problems


If you've ever wondered what influence Paris Hilton has had on the world, look no further than the 'Hot Problems' video starring these two tone-deaf mall rats. Remember when singing was an actual skill? Please stop singing Double Take. You're just like a singer, except you're NOT!

So who will it be? Rebecca Black or the 'Hot Problems' girls? Choose wisely and VOTE in the poll below!


Who Sings Worse? Rebecca Black Or The ‘Hot Problems’ Girls?

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