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SHOWDOWN: Who Would Be The Better Boyfriend: Batman Or Spider-Man?

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This summer is all about blockbuster superhero movies. I mean The Amazing Spider-Man AND The Dark Knight Rises?!?! In one summer? RAD. Everyone is speculating about which movie will come out on top in box office terms, but what I really wanna know is which superhero will come out on top when it comes to boyfriend material. Cause that's like super important kind of stuff. SO. The Dark Knight or Spider-Man? Who makes more ladies bring their milkshakes to the yard? Damn right!



dark knight batman


Hey, a lot of chicks love the dark and brooding type and it don't get much darker then The Dark Knight. Plus I defy you to find me a girl that wouldn't wanna ride in the Batmobile. And that isn't a euphemism for something naughty, so get your mind out of the gutter! As if that isn't enough a super sweet relationship with Alfred makes girls go AWWWWW! Did I mention he's loaded?



amazing spider-man


Spider-man is  definitely the sensitive dorky type that lots of ladies find super appealing. But he has a badass side that keeps things from getting too saccharine. He'll save your life and then totally watch The Notebook with you. That's just how he rolls. And he's close to his grandparents so he has that AWWW! factor too.


So who's it gonna be?  Choose wisely and VOTE in the poll below!

Who would be the better boyfriend: Batman or Spider-Man?

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