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SHOWDOWN: Who Would You Rather Battle IRL: Ganon Or Bowser?

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Life is about hard decisions and I don't like those kind of decisions. They make me itchy. But now we must face a truly EPIC choice in this week's showdown–Who Would You Rather Battle IRL: Ganon Or Bowser?? GAH!



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He is the King Koopa. The Great Demon King. He'll steal your FRIGGIN' girlfriend and do who knows what with her, while you battle his Koopa Army to save her. Not only does he breath fire but he also dabbles with black magic. Plus he's kind of punk rock. And punkers can be batsh*t crazy when they're in a fight. Just ask my cousin who used to have two earlobes until a punk used a safety pin he pulled from nose to rip one off. YOWSA!



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The Prince of Darkness. A powerful warlock who looks like a friggin' scary ass boar. You never know when this villain will fly into a murderous rampage. Plus he listens to One Direction unironically. That is one sick mofo who will clearly do anything to throw his opponent off of his game.

So which one will it be? Ganon or Bowser? Choose wisely and VOTE in the poll below!


Who Would You Rather Battle IRL: Ganon Or Bowser?

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