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SHOWDOWN: Who’s The Better Girlfriend: Princess Peach or Zelda?

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Here we go Nintendo fetishists! The ultimate choice…who is the better girlfriend Princess Peach or Zelda? I know, right? And you thought it was tough picking which character to play as in Super Smash Bros.! They both for sure have their pros and cons…but who will win the ultimate Nintendo showdown? Keep it ladylike, ladies!


Princess Peach

princess peach


Princess Peach is definitely a catch! But first you gotta catch her!  I can only assume it'll be worth all the hard work it takes to save her. Why else would Mario spend all of his time playing damsel in distress with her? I'm betting magic mushrooms aren't the only thing that makes Mario grow! So if you're into that sweet 'girl next door who is constantly being kidnapped' sort of thing, Princess Peach is your lady!



legend zelda


If you prefer a girl who is a little more your equal on the badass fighting front, Zelda is your lady! Sure Princes Peach gets her fight on ocasionally, but Zelda seems… I don't know a little more brainy? Plus she has elven-like ears, a plus in almost every nerd fan group out there. Does she fill all your heart containers? Is she the missing link in your love chain? Ummmm that's all I got…

So who's the best girlfriend in the whole Nintendo universe? Choose wisely and VOTE in the poll below!

Who’s The Better Girlfriend: Princess Peach or Zelda?

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