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SHOWDOWN: Who’s Scarier: Zombies Or Clowns?

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Now THIS is an impossible choice. It's like asking who would you rather be murdered by, Jason or Freddy Krueger? Chainsaw or Wheat Scythe? Would you rather be the middle segment or the last segment in a human centipede? I mean come on! I can't make decisions like this first thing in the morning. But decision-making we must.  Who do you find scarier? Clowns or Zombies? RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!



zombies apocalypse


Zombies are big this week! They're  out there eating people for REAL, yo!  I feel like I could outrun them for awhile, but eventually I might give up hope. And I'm way too big of a pu**y to take myself out with dignity. My last images of this world would be someone nibbling on my foot, as one of his undead buddies ate my brain straight from the skull. I'm really hoping the zombie apocalypse hasn't started and it's just that the world is full of extremely sick f*cks. What a sad, sad hope to have.



clowns scary


I can't even. At least you know what might happen to you if you are attacked by a zombie. There's no telling what a clown might do! But I'm imagining it'll be all kinds of sexual assault-y. And involve his pleasure dungeon. Hmmm….being eaten alive or being the victim of a horny, evil clown? Decisions, decisions…

So who do you find more terrifying? Choose wisely and VOTE in the poll below!


Who’s Scarier: Zombies Or Clowns?

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