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Sick People Getting Kidneys From FACEBOOK???

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Here's something you don't see too often…a heartwarming story involving Facebook! Turns out while we're all wasting time on the social network, some people are actually using the platform to save other people's lives. That's what happened for Seattle father Damon Brown. His wife made a Facebook page about her husband's need of a donor kidney and through the magic of sharing, a stranger, 45 year old mom Jaqueline Ryall, came forward and Damon will be receiving that life-saving transplant today! COOL! To quote The Flight of the Concords, 'I'm not crying…I've just been chopping onions." 


The even more amazing thing is, apparently this kind of selfless act via Facebook, is becoming more and more common.  There are currently 'need kidney' pages popping up all over Facebook. April Paschke, a spokesperson for the United Network of Organ Sharing, says" We see more and more people matched up by social media. It's an extension of the way we communicate."

I think this is all kinds of rad. Imma totally gonna LIKE THIS STATUS!


And what's not to like? People use Facebook to get people to come to their crappy band shows and their bar crawl birthday parties…it seems to me there is a lot of good that can come out of this 'over-connectedness' . It's also nice to see something that is kind of synonymous with self-serving narcissism, take a decidedly unselfish turn. Besides there are WAY worse methods of getting a kidney. Am I right?


And there are definitely less-deserving requests for help out there. Like seriously, dude?? Those shoes better be the reissue of the Air Jordan XI.


What do you think of getting a kidney via Facebook? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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