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Signs You Should Ditch Your New Roommate

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Freshman year of college is an exciting time. So many classes to try, clubs to join, and interesting people to get to know. Especially your assigned roommate! What a great opportunity to gain some insight into the life of someone you wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to spend time with. A great way to be exposed to a different culture, learn the art of compromise, deal with living habits that are… okay. You know what? You guys don’t have to be best friends. In fact, wordless cohabiting is perfectly acceptable. It wasn’t fate that brought you together, it was a housing draw. Here are six signs you should ditch your new roommate.


His Teachers Really Like Him


It’s September 13. There is no reason a kid should be that familiar with his teachers at this point. Your roommate is either way too into the whole “school” thing or has one of those personalities that makes him stand out in a lecture hall. Stay with this person and you’ll end up insecure about your own intelligence/work ethic or plotting how you can escape the consta-show.


He Questions Your Disposal Habits



You didn’t want to “make waves” on that first day when you came in and she had moved your stuff off the bottom bunk. “Sorry,” she said, “I’m just like that.” “What an assertive, cool girl,” you thought, with no regard to your own well-being. Just don’t be surprised when the ceiling starts to seem like it’s getting closer on a nightly basis… she definitely would raise your bed one notch a day to get that extra wake-up room for herself. No! No one is that selfish, you say. She’s not selfish, she’s just “like that.”


She’s Not Good At Sharing


At the beginning of the year, you thought your frugal roommate had a great idea in signing up for all the same classes as you and going halfsies on books. But what you didn’t realize is that if you’re taking the course at the same time, you’re both going to need the books at the same time (i.e. the night before things are due). So basically, this arrangement meant she got to keep the books. She’s not going to tell you what library she’s going to… that would just result in awkward over-the-shoulder action. So you go out and buy your own set of books, and now you’ve paid for 1.5 times the amount of course materials. Don’t become friends with this person- the books are just a harbinger of restaurant bills to come!


She Asks Follow Up Questions


This person will stare at you during conversations and tells you how “fascinating” you are. She’ll earn your trust and get you to divulge your innermost insecurities and family secrets. She’ll not only nod and be attentive, she’ll ask questions like she cares. Run. She’s going to write you into her blog.


He Hangs Maps And Puts Pins In Them


The only people who hang maps and put pins in different countries are world-traveling braggarts or terrorists.

What do you guys think? How is your new roommate? Can you think of other early warning signs? Let us know in the comments section!

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