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Signs Your First Date With Her Should Be Your Last

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As a single guy I have been on a good amount of first dates.

Over the years I have learned to spot the warning signs that the lady that I am out with might not make a great companion.


The “Me Me Me" Girl

I have had many dates with this girl. Whenever I mention my family, my job or my hobbies my sentences are always interrupted with a rebuttal from her about how these things affect her life.


The Glam-girl

Sure, along with all men I enjoy a well put together woman. But when you spend the majority of our date reapplying lipstick, adjusting your cleavage and fixing your hair it gets to be a little much.


The Baggage Girl

I understand that we all have baggage but I don’t need to hear about your crazy ex-boyfriend won’t pay child support or that you don’t know who the father is a few third child on the first date.


The Gold-digger

On the first date I don’t think it’s proper to ask what the credit limit is on my Visa and do I rent or own my house.


The Full On Nutball

I think I should at least thank you for making it clear that you are crazy within the first 10 minutes of our meeting. You rambled on for 30 minutes about some conspiracy theory including Ron Paul and goats.


The Religious Zealot

I think it’s awesome that your religious, and to a degree I am as well. I am not sure that bringing Bible to our first date was a great idea.


The Bitch

You, my dear, are the only woman that had been out on the first date with that cost me to stand up and just walk out the door. You were extremely rude and catty to our server in the Dude definitely does not abide!

I am sure that all of these women had great qualities but I was amazed that they let their crazy flag fly on a first date. What's the worst date you've ever had?


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