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Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You With Link

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The Princess is constantly getting kidnapped by Ganon, and let's face it, even Link has needs. But why he gotta be messin' with people's girlfriends? I don't care how many dungeons you've had to go through, and how lonely you are from traveling all over Hyrule collecting heart containers, you still don't be messin' with another brother's girl. Here are some signs your girlfriend has been cheating on you with link.


Her Heart Containers Are Full

Nothing replenishes a girl's heart containers like a night with Link. 


She Absentmindedly Whistles Ocarina Tunes

You: "Where did you learn that tune baby?" Your Girlfriend: "Oh…you know… I don't know… ummm… probably just…. from somewhere…"


You Find The Triforce Of Courage In Her Underwear Drawer

Don't accept her explanation that she was just holding it for a friend.


Her Mouth Tastes Like Magic Meter Refilling Potions

What's she doing drinking Magic Meter Refilling Potions? She doesn't even have a magic meter.


She's Got HookShot Bruises All Over Her Back

She says she fell down the stairs and landed on a hookshot. Oh yeah? 11 times?


Your Child Is Born Holding The Master Sword

No one in your family tree has a genetic predisposition to being born with the Master Sword.


You Walk In On Link And Her Having Sex

This one is going to be especially hard for her to explain.


How else can you tell your girlfriend is cheating on you with Link? Let us know in the comments!

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