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Single Princes You Can Still Trick Into Marrying You

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Okay so William is off the market, and your dreams of being the next Queen of England are dashed… but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of sexy Royals out there just dying for a chance to date you! Here are but a few whom you might want to consider as your next future husband.


Prince Jean Christophe

Country: France

This guy is a descendent of Napoleon Bonaparte and the future head of the House of Bonaparte, not to mention he looks like a Disney cartoon. Though France is a democracy now, the descendants of royal family members are still super popular.


Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum

Country: United Arab Emirates/Dubai

This Sheikh was appointed the crown prince of Dubai, as decreed by his daddy who just happens to be the prime minister and vice president of United Arab Emirates and the ruler of Dubai. His daddy so rich he just made him a prince. I'm guessing you'll have to share him with like 9 other wives but look at it this way… less work for you to do!


Prince Sebastien

Country: Luxembourg

This Royal hottie is a teenager, 18 to be exact and he’s got 3 hot older brothers but he’s still 3rd in line for the throne. He’s super sporty too, so if you’re into tennis, climbing, skiing, water sport and trampoline jumping… this is the guy for you! (Yes, I said trampoline jumping… I didn't make it up! I actually read that about him.)


Prince Felix

Country: Luxembourg

Sebastien's big bro is another Royal hottie. He’s super smarty pants too, pursuing a masters degree in bioethics from Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome. He’s also got a job working public relations for a Swiss company so he can pay the rent. Nothing is worse than a prince who sits around playing video games all day in his boxer shorts.


Prince Amedeo

Country: Belgium

This guy should be easy to get because he lives in New York City where he has a job! You won't even need a passport to hunt him down. Another prince with a job! How exciting! He graduated from the Royal Military Academy in Brussels and studied economics in London so he’s a scholar. I also hear he's into sports which will make him fast and hard to catch, but if you start training now, I'm ure you'll be up for the job!


Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis

Country: Germany

Prince Albert was voted the world's youngest billionaire when he was only 8! He’s 24 now and worth an estimated $2 billion bucks! His father died in 1990 and he inherited a fortune! Also when he goes to the bathroom you can make all sorts of Prince Albert in the can jokes.


Prince Andrea Casiraghi

Country: Monaco

If you like to date dudes who look like pretty girls, this is the prince for you! He’s the first of Princess Caroline of Monaco's three children. He also does a ton of charity work which is super sexy. He spent 8 months teaching children in Niger, Senegal and Togo. So he loves children, just think of all the things he could teach the children you will have together!


Prince Carl Philip

Country: Sweden

This prince placed 9th in Forbes’ list of 20 Hottest Royals and you can see why. He’s into car racing and I’ll be he looks hot in those leather racing out fits. Hello!


Prince Henry Charles Albert David aka Harry

Country: England

And let's not forget Harry! Everyone knows that Prince Harry got the sense of humor in his family, not to mention (unlike his big bro) he isn't going bald yet. He's sexy, he's rich, he's Royal. If you land this handsome prince you'll be kickin' it with Kate and William for Holidays and family events, and that sounds pretty fun to me.

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Which Royal hottie would you date first? I gotta say that Carl Philip dude looks pretty good to me. Let's discuss.

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