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Siri Tells Boy to STFU

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Uh oh, Siri is embroiled in another controversy!  Since its release in October, Apple's voice-controlled personal assistant has been accused of racism, sexism and having anti-choice politics. Now it's been accused of answering the innocent question of a 12 year old British lad, with a completely filthy expletive-laden answer. And I'm talking Lil'Wayne dirty here. Not a typical dry Siri response to the naughty taunts of her human masters.


Charlie Le Quesne and his mum were shopping at an Apple store in the UK, when he picked up a 4S and asked the completely innocent question "How many people are there in the world?" I can only assume after a holiday season of dealing with thousands of doofuses, Siri had a bit of a bug up her bum and got all dark-sided on Charlie. Her response to this young boy's inquiry?  


Charlie's mom Kim was OUTRAGED!  OUTRAGED, I tell you!  She played the filthy answer again just to make sure, before going ape-sh*t on the Apple store manager.


The store managers believe that some merry holiday pranksters probably tricked the device into thinking that "Shut the f*ck up! You ugly. tw*t!" was the user's name, but are sending the device in for further testing. Charlie's mum, Kim says "I couldn't see the funny side." Uhhhh…it only has a funny side, darling! So lighten up! And I'm not one to usually judge a book by its cover buuuuuut,  Kim looks like she has a mouth that could make a sailor blush. Just sayin'!

(source) The Le Quesne family is clearly devastated by the tragic events. You can help by texting STFU to 9990999.

For me this is the greatest thing in the history of Siri-related hijinks. The fact that the family is so upset about the whole thing only makes it like a thousand times funnier.  Good job merry pranksters! Even though I secretly like to believe it really was Siri. And you guys, she is sick of all of our sh*t.


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