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The Situation Is All Set to Dance With The Stars

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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from MTV's hit show, "Jersey Shore" will be starring on next season's "Dancing With the Stars." OK! Magazine spoke with dancing star Derek Hough about what The Situation being on DWTS would mean for the show. Derek told OK! that the "presence of the Jersey Shore guido would get fans glued to their screens."


The Situation

Derek went on to tell OK! "It’s people like that who come on the show, who people will tune in and watch because either it will be a travesty or it will be interesting to see somebody turn something completely around so I’m up for anybody."


Stripper Past!

The Situation may be a juicehead guido, but he's definitely gotta have some moves, since he used to be a male stripper. Yep. The star of "Jersey Shore" was totally a stripper in a show called "All American Male" exotic dancer crew back in 2004. So he's used to tight pants and wearing not-so-manly clothes.


Touch My Abs!!!

For those of you who have living under a rock or don't have girlfriend that makes you watch Jersey Shore, “The Situation” is named that, because he says his abs are so fantastically ripped up, it’s “A Situation”. Which makes him “The Situation”.


GTL For Life

He's also GTL for life (Gym, Tan, Laundry) and is no stranger to self tanning.


The Champ?

Will he become the champion on DWTS? Tune in this season and find out. He may be a way too pumped up cheesy juicehead guido with TERRIBLE taste in clothing and music, but I have to admit, he's hilarious. Remember "You're EXCLUDED from chicken cutlet night!" from Season One???  That was it for me, he pushed me over the edge with that one. I had no choice but to give him a pass after that. Go get 'em Situation with your tight pants! Be the WINNER that you are!!!


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