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The Situation Gets His Ass Beat… BY RONNIE!

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No more tender loving back rubs for The Situation and Ronnie.


Fists were flying in Italy Monday night as America's beloved Jersey Shore cast members Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro got into fist-a-cuffs.


Nobody seems to have seen the brawl, but Ronnie and The Sitch were photographed returning to their Italian flat early in the morning and The Sitch had red marks and cuts all over his face… I mean look at that! It looks like someone played racquetball with his head.


And Ronnie's hands were tore up and wrapped in bandages… looks like The Situation's face put up a good fight…


So what could these two bros be fighting about? Rumor is that the fight came from a "situation" with Ronnie's psychotic on-again-off-again ex Sammi.


The Situation is a good 5 inches taller than Lil' Roidin' Ronnie but Roid-Ron does have all the muscles, plus The Sitch is no match against roid rage. It's not really a fair fight. Everyone knows The Sitch is a lover, not a fighter. Not to mention a face doesn't really have much of a chance against a fist… so in this battle of face vs. fist, I think we can all agree that the fist is the clear winner.

MTV hasn't commented on"'the situation" but they do confirm that there was a "medical situation." Maybe that can be Mike's new name… Mike "The Medical Situation" Sorrentino.

Seems like he's got a lot of nicknames lately, the cast has been calling him "The Snitchuation" because he's such a tattletale and instigator. Looks like he instigated some major sh*t with Ronnie's fist Monday night.

Did The Situation deserve it? Are you so sick of these people or what? Do Ronnie and Sammi belong togehter? Let's work out our Jersey Shore feelings in the comments below.

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