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Slenderman Fan Art That Is… Just… Not That Scary?

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From forum screens to silver screens: The Slender Man Story. If you haven’t heard, everyone’s favorite Creepypasta stalwart Slender Man has made the leap to the big screen, in the form of a horror movie released nationwide. It is, by all accounts, not very good– A bunch of random Internetters are better at making spooky stories than professional filmmakers? Who knew? Anyway, this news got us brainstorming: are there other depictions of Slender Man that just, well, are plain old not that scary? Thanks to the prolific fan art community, we think you know what the answer is (Yes. The answer is yes).

Which fan art is your fave? Any Slender Man stories that actually spook you? And did you brave the trip to your local multiplex to see the skinny guy in person? Let us know on Twitter, but please try not to mind control us to do your bidding. That would be rude.