‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’: The Nintendo Switch Brawler Will Bring Back EVERY SMASH CHARACTER THERE EVER WAS

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It’s a smorgasbord of Smash Bros news today! Nintendo held its annual E3 press conference, and dear god did they ever talk Smash. We now know the new game will be called Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and it will feature all the characters from all previous Smash games. We’re talking Snake. We’re talking Ice Climbers. We’re talking Wolf. We’re talking, you know, all the other major characters who’ve been cut over the years. (To be honest, those are the guys whose absence has been making my heart grow fonder all these years.) Check this character trailer to see if YOUR favorite Smash character is included! (SPOILER: they are.)

What else did we learn about Smash Bros Ultimate today? The answer… is details. Nintendo dove into the damn Smash Bros weeds here, telling us about the 800,000 tweaks to every character’s moveset and Final Smash and voices and dodging mechanics. We learned that Mario will have Cappy eyes on his hat, Link can remotely detonate bombs, Wario’s Final Smash is… different somehow, and other bits of minutia that make no sense to us casual Smash fans who just want to see a Metroid bite a Pikmin. Honestly, Nintendo gets 45 minutes a year when they have the world’s attention, and they use it to tell us that Samus can cancel her charge shot? Thanks guys. Just what the fans were salivating to see.

But there was one other piece of big news — the Metroid series’ uber-nemesis Ridley is joining the fray.

For so long, Nintendo said they couldn’t include the miniboss because the character is so much bigger physically than anyone else, but here we see that they just shrunk him down to mini size. And now he’s cute! Ridley is now cute! Adjust your Funko Pop budget accordingly.

Now that you’ll have seemingly endless choices, who are you going to main in Smash Bros Ultimate? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!