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Smoking Baby

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It’s been all over the news for the past few days. This baby in Indonesia smokes two packs of cigarettes a day.

Not only does he smoke two packs a day but he looks like he could drop a few pounds. He’s an adorable, chubby, little heart attack waiting to happen.

The only thing creepier than a baby smoking a cigarette, is a monkey smoking a cigarette. Eeew!

The officials in the city where the baby lives have offered to buy the family a brand new car if they will stop letting the baby smoke…but the Father has refused.

What’s next? Little Baby Marlboro Men?

Cigarettes packaged specifically for kids? “I’ll have a Snickers and a pack of Camels.” Gross.

The baby’s family says he’s “hooked” and can’t seem to quit. Are you kidding me? Since when do babies tell their parents what to do?
When I was a baby, I had no say what happened to me. This guy gets to tell his parent to take a hike and refuses to quit smoking!

What a ball buster.

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