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Smosh ROCKS Vidcon 2012

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This past weekend I attended the Mecca of all things awesome and YouTube, Vidcon 2012. Unlike some lazy people, I was there for work since I work for Smosh.

If you weren’t there, or just want to relieve the best weekend of your life, here’s a rundown of what was going on at Vidcon this year.



This was “Industry Day,” and it was mostly partners, creators, and business type people. If you are an “insider” like me, you might actually be interested in some of the panel discussions, like this one where the hilarious Fine Brothers, Shay Carl, and others discussed if partners should join a network or not.

vidcon 2012

Not hilarious, but very interesting, I promise you.



Friday is when things really got started, since that is when the main expo hall opened, and when Ian and Anthony and Mari showed up. But before we get to that, can we talk about this awesome Charlie the Dunk Guinea Pig Cosplay, from ChakuuFoxDragon? Pretty amazing.

vidcon 2012

She wasn’t drinking, but otherwise exactly right.

The first Smosh thing was a LIVE Lunchtime w/Smosh that was taped at the Alloy stage in the middle of the expo hall.

vidcon 2012

Not Chineese of Mexican food this time

Mari was a special guest/server.

vidcon 2012

She’s almost as good at serving food as she is at dancing

During the taping, Anthony brought up Smosher TehSmoshKidKris from the audience for a humping contest.

vidcon 2012

This is what humping looks like.

It went great until the part where someone fell and kicked over Mari’s drink.

vidcon 2012

Good thing there was only a zillion dollars of expensive video equipment around.

Some of the pizza ended up in the crowd and/or on the floor. People seemed excited to get it for some reason.

vidcon 2012

Don’t eat that floor pizza.

After lunchtime, Smosh headed to the greenroom to get ready for their 10 minute performance on the main stage. Although Smosh is seen by millions of people every week online, being funny on stage in front of thousands of real live people can be daunting.

vidcon 2012

This many people can be loud

Of course, the show went great, because T-SHIRT CANNON.

vidcon 2012

Anthony was aiming to kill, but seemed to miss repeatedly.

vidcon 2012

He does kind of look like a badass here.

Ian only killed the one guy so overall the main stage show was a success.



Saturday was the last day of Vidcon, so there was a lot of stuff to fit in. The day started with the Smosh signing.

vidcon 2012 signing

Yes, they can use pens so stop spreading that rumor.

Hundreds of Smoshers lined up to get autographs/hugs/pictures with Anthony, Ian, and Mari.

vidcon 2012 smosh signing

If you recognize this kid, you are awesome.

vidcon 2012 smosh signing

Look at this line!

vidcon 2012 smosh signing

Mari was PUMPED to get some fan art.

vidcon 2012 mari fan art

The creators of the first three Shut Up! Cartoons, Emily Brundige from Pubtertina, Corey Edwards from Krogzilla, and Ryan Numann from Do’s and Don’ts also did a signing, where they drew pictures for everyone that stopped by.

vidcon 2012 shut up cartoons

vidcon 2012 shut up cartoons

vidcon 2012 corey edwards

Krogzilla's Corey Edwards is pretty awesome.

Besides Smosh stuff, Vidcon was crazy busy with other YouTubers like Jenna Marbles.

vidcon 2012 jenna marbles

I took this from a distance because I was afraid to get close to her and have her give me “the face.”

Charlie McDonnell signed autographs for like 10 hours.

vidcon 2012 charlie mcdonnell

He seemed nice.



Smosh also taped a segment for the show “Ask A Naked Guy” which should premiere soon.

vidcon 2012 ask a naked guy

Not really naked. Look at those flip flops.

After getting dressed, Smosh had ANTOHER interview on the Alloy stage, with world famous physician/writer/healer Deepak Chopra. DEEPAK CHOPRA! He did a speed drawing with Anthony and Ian for Ian Is Bored.

vidcon 2012

One of these things is not like the other.

vidcon 2012 deepak chopra

He looks so happy!

That was the last official “Smosh” thing, so we could finally hangout with all the amazing people in the greenroom/ expo floor. Look who we freakin’ ran into: CHUCK TESTA!!!!

vidcon 2012 chuck testa


You know who else is awesome? Shane Dawson

vidcon 2012 shane dawson

Oh hey, It’s Felicia Day

vidcon 2012 felicia day

Tay Zonday and Mari… together at last!

vidcon 2012 tay zonday

Also, we met TERRY CREWS.

vidcon 2012 terry crews

At first I was like…

vidcon 2012 terry crews

But then I LOL’d.

But YouTube was more than just smoshy stuff. There was amazing performances the entire weekend.

vidcon 2012 double rainbow song

The Gregory Brothers perform the double rainbow song… WITH DOUBLE RAINBOW GUY.

vidcon 2012 george watsky

George Watsky KILLS IT on stage.

All in all, a pretty amazing weekend! Did you go to Vidcon this year? Are you going next year? What was your favorite vidcon memory? Let’s chat in the comments!

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