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Smosh Rocks Vidcon 2013!

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This past weekend I was lucky enough to go to Vidcon 2013 as part of team SMOSH. Vidcon was twice as big this year, with over 11,000 fans, Youtubers, and creators attending the convention center in Anaheim, CA. I know a lot of people wanted to go, but were unable due to distance or money or both, so here is kind of a photo diary of our Smoshy adventures!



Friday started EARLY for us, since Smosh had a 7:30am dress rehearsal for their main stage performance. At 9:45am, the real deal happened, with Anthony and Ian performing LIVE their newest song, WE RULE HIGH SCHOOL. Here’s the video!


Next up was the first Smosh signing. Look at the line!

vidcon 2013 craz line


Ian Anthony signed pictures, shirts, and pretty much everything else you can think of for two hours.

vidcon 2013 sign gameboy


vidcon 2013 backpack


vidcon 2013 signing


vidcon 2013 signing


I tried to get some shots of the other YouTubers who were signing at the same time.

Charlie McDonnell AKA Charlieissocoollike got creeped out by me taking pictures of him without asking first. Oops. (He was super nice to everyone though)

vidcon 2013 Charlie McDonnell


Look at that beautiful hair on Joey Graceffa

vidcon 2013 Joey Graceffa


After the signing, Ian and Anthony were hustled off for a LIVE Lunchtime w/Smosh. Twerking happened.

vidcon 2013 live lunchtime


vidcon 2013 tall


vidcon 2013 twerk


Meanwhile, Lasercorn, Mari, Jovenshire, and Sohinki sat down for their own signing.

vidcon 2013 smoshgmes signing


vidcon 2013 smoshgmes signing


vidcon 2013 smoshgmes signing


Look closely at Lasercorn’s “passion”

vidcon 2013 lasercorn your mom


I then joined Ian and Anthony as they met with some of the FOOD BATTLE: THE GAME supporters. First up: a photoshoot with Ian, Anthony, and Aleeya. She was a natural in front of the camera.

vidcon 2013 photoshoot


vidcon 2013 photoshoot


vidcon 2013 photoshoot


Later, other supporters were IN special videos just for the Smosh Instagram. I was worried since we were shooting videos live, but everyone was super relaxed and funny and awesome.

vidcon 2013 instagram shoot


vidcon 2013 instagram shoot


vidcon 2013 instagram shoot


We shot a few videos, but here’s the one by @antmennella! Watch MORE on the Smosh Instagram page. DO IT.


Smosh also did a meet and greet with a few other FOOD BATTLE: THE GAME supporters.

vidcon 2013 food battle supporters


vidcon 2013 vidcon 2013 food battle supporters


vidcon 2013 vidcon 2013 food battle supporters


vidcon 2013 vidcon 2013 food battle supporters


One of the highlights was a custom handwritten book complied by Brrandy called “Smoshers Around the World,” with heartfelt messages for Anthony and Ian from Smoshers who couldn’t make it to Vidcon.

vidcon 2013 Smoshers Around the World


After the meet and greet, Anthony and Ian sat down for some interviews with NewMediaRockstars and Tubefilter.

vidcon 2013 tubefilter interview


Everyone was pretty exhausted, so we called it a day.



The next day started with another Smosh signing.

vidcon 2013 signing


vidcon 2013 signing


vidcon 2013 signing


Katie was back with her amazing Charlie cosplay head.

vidcon 2013 charlie head


After that Ian and Anthony headed to the Alloy Digital booth for a live GAMETIME w/Smosh, where they played Scribblenauts.

vidcon 2013 GAMETIME w/Smosh


After a short break, everyone from Smosh Games took the stage for an epic game of Rockband. Anthony, Ian, Sohinki, Mari, Lasercorn, and Jovenshire were joined by special guests Dana and Joslyn from ClevverTV, Andrea Rene from The Escapist, Jamie and Hayley from, Meghan Camarena AKA Strawberry17, Kingsley, and Taryn Southern. OH, and two very special guests, Selina and Peyton. They wore Bananas to Vidcon, and won their chance to play on stage with everyone. How cool is that?

vidcon 2013 strawbury17 lasercorn


vidcon 2013 smosh rockband colab


vidcon 2013 high five


At first Kingsley was like…

vidcon 2013 Kingsley


But then he…

vidcon 2013 Kingsley


vidcon 2013 Ian rockband


vidcon 2013 rockband


Ian rocked so hard he died.

vidcon 2013 Ian rockband died


High fives!

vidcon 2013 high five


vidcon 2013 sohinki


vidcon 2013 Jovenshire


vidcon 2013 rockband


vidcon 2013 rockband finale


vidcon 2013 rockband finale


vidcon 2013 vidcon group


Who won the epic Rockband colab challenge? The video is coming soon…

BETWEEN all these adventures, we also got to hang out backstage at the Vidcon 2013 green room. So many amazing YouTubers were there just hanging out, and everyone from Toby Turner to Shane Dawson passed through on their way to their performances or their signings. Here’s just a few of the people we ran into!



vidcon 2013 KassemG


Harley Morenstein

vidcon 2013 Harley Morenstein


We ran into Dan Howell (danisnotonfire), and we wanted to get a picture with him and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil), but we couldn’t find him. Since we were pressed for time, we decided we could just Photoshop Phil in later. How’s it look?

vidcon 2013 Dan Howell Phil Lester Smosh


Luckily, Phil came back, and we got the RIGHT picture. These guys are both very nice AND very tall.

vidcon 2013 Dan Howell Phil Lester Smosh


Vidcon hero Hank Green!

vidcon 2013 Hank Green


Josh Sundquist!

vidcon 2013 Josh Sundquist



vidcon 2013 Pewdiepie


How did Anthony do on his Pewdiepie face?

vidcon 2013 Pewdiepie


Now, here’s a few more odds and ends I didn’t know what to do with!

vidcon 2013 jovenshire


vidcon 2013 facemask


vidcon 2013 banana kid


vidcon 2013 sourefed


vidcon 2013 mari sign


vidcon 2013 jovenshire thumbs


I told them to “act natural”

vidcon 2013 smosh games


vidcon 2013 smosh games


vidcon 2013 interview


vidcon 2013 girls-sign


vidcon 2013 smosh


Thanks for a great weekend, everyone. See you next year!

Did you see us at Vidcon? Tell us about in the comments or hit me up on Twitter.

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