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SNES Mini HACKED to Have More Games and a Reset Button So I Don’t Have to Keep Getting Up

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If you were lucky enough to get an SNES Classic (you didn’t), you know how overwhelming it is to choose a game. There are 21 bad boys on this thing, and 20 of them are positively amazing.

snes mini hack kirby
I can’t even with you right now.< br />

But 21 games still isn’t all the games, which has made some gaming gluttons seek out even more. This leads us to the PC program HackChi, which cracked open last year’s NES Mini. Updated recently to support the SNES Classic, HackChi is an app that allows you to plug in a console and rewrite its memory.

Now, obviously modding your SNES Classic will void the warranty and potentially brick your adorable little baby console, but if you’re one of those crazy completionists who has to 100 percent every game they play and can’t bear the thought of letting a single SNES adventure get away, maybe HackChi will be your answer?

Just… don’t try to 100 percent every game you download too. Just beating Final Fantasy III takes something like 1100 hours.< br />

If I’m being honest, the SNES Classic already has enough games for me, but there is one added feature that makes we want to get HackChi up and running on my own console — the addition of a reset button on the controller. As it stands, the only way to get out of whichever of the 21 games you’ve picked is to stand up and press the reset button on the console itself. I know, right? What is this, 199-goddamn-5? If I wanted to try out all 21 games real fast, I’d have to get up over 21 times to reset the system! It’s not like I’m doing any other exercise, so those 21 get-ups are exhausting. But with HackChi, I could make up a button shortcut that would bring me back to the homescreen while still sitting on my couch. That is a game-changer. An absolute game-changer.

A game-changer my doctor is certain will kill me.< br />

What do you think? Is it worth it to mod an SNES Classic? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!