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Snooki Hamster NYE Ball DENIED!

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MTV and Snooki had a really cool idea for how to celebrate New Year's Eve. They'd erect a big glass ball that would drop down the side of the MTV building in Times Square, just like Dick Clark's NYE ball.

The idea was that Snooki would be in the ball during its descent. As Snooki told USA Today, "I'm gonna look like a friggin' hamster!"

We're not sure why she'd want to look like a hamster, but soft fur and an angelic face might be an improvement on what she's got goin on now.

We were really confused about why anyone would want to spend time in a big clear ball, but as it turns out, it seems like a really popular thing to do.

This basketball coach appears to be navigating an obstacle course on the game floor. Perhaps it's some new way to decide who goes first?

Here's a guy walking on water in a big clear ball. Maybe he's trying to be Jesus…

These soccer players are punching each other's balls.

And who hasn't wanted to be in the giant beachball being thrown around at a concert?

Sadly, the City of New York turned down her request. The only ball in Times Square this New Year's Eve is going to belong to Dick Clark.

But there's good news! MTV is going to let her perform her hamster stunt on Jersey Shore.

Since the big event won't be in fancy New York, she might want to climb inside a ball that's more appropriate for New Jersey…

What do you think about Snooki's stunt? Do you think she should be able to be a hamster in NYC?


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