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Snooki Is PREGNANT!?!

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The rumors have been swirling for awhile, but apparently an official announcement could happen any moment…Snooki is with child!  I guess the bumb she has on her head is now paired with a baby bump. I know she's probably just waiting for the ink to dry on a tabloid contract that insures she makes some bank on her joyous announcement, but I'm still holding out hope it's not true. Maybe she just ate an enormous meatball sub or something! WAHHHHH! Weeping for humanity!


According to sources, she is about 3-4 months pregnant and has been waiting to make an announcement until she has passed her first trimester.  Well that time is now! DAMN YOU JIONNI LaVALLE! How you not gonna wrap your salami when smooshing a human petri dish like Nicole Pollizzi!?! Be right back, need to buy stock in every pickle company on earth!


The pair had been seen shopping for engagement rings earlier this year, and Snooki has mentioned in the past her desire for children. She told E! in 2010: "I want two, a boy and a girl. I'm going to name them Isabella and Frankie." Even though she didn't say it I'm pretty sure she also wants to dress them exclusively in Ed Hardy Baby, teach them their GTLs and bottle feed them hoagie sauce. Mmmmm now I want a hoagie.  


So prepare yourselves, world! The spawn of Snooki will soon be among us! Can't wait for Jersey Shore Season 7, when we'll get to see The Situation teaching the baby how to fist pump, after he gets stuck babysitting so Snooki can go out clubbing.  Poor thing!


What do you think of a baby Snooki? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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