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Snooki Voted America’s Nightmare Valentine’s Date

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It's hardly a shock that when OMG! Yahoo did a survey of who would be the absolute worst celebrity to go on a Valentine's date with, the Jersey Shore's very own Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi took home the honor with a whopping 41% of the vote.

Everything about Snooki is fake – she isn't even Italian – she's Chilean.

Paris Hilton came in 2nd place. I think I'd rather date Rosie O'Donnell. Wait, maybe not.

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber didn't do much better. 1/3 of adults who took part in the survey, said it would be a nightmare to go out with the Biebs Valentine's Day. Not to mention a felony since everyone who took part in the survey was between 18-64 and Justin is only 16.

Hollywood troublemaker, actor Charlie Sheen came in 4th place…

He's such a loser he can't even win a contest to see who's the worst date.

And Mel Gibson, rocked fifth in the poll of 2,002 online users who took part in the online survey.

Um, gross.

On an up note Jennifer Aniston was the top choice for "dream celebrity date" for the dudes.

The chicks picked Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt as who they thought would be the most romantic celeb to date on Valentine's Day.

They don't do anything for me but to each his own.

And Angelina Jolie was the top choice for lesbians "dream date". Hot. Send pics please.

So who would be on your list as celebrity Valentine's Day nightmare & dream date? Let's do our own survey in the comments below!

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