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Snoop Dog Tries To Rent A Country

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Liechtenstein is a tiny country in Europe that is famous for being tiny and having a hard to spell name. The only way you would have ever heard of this country is if you’re a follower of the Smosh Pit (if you’re not, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? Don’t you like fun?) and you read 12 More Countries You've Never Heard of And The People That Live There.

Besides it’s small size, it must also be an awesome place to shoot a music video, because Snoop Dogg actually tried to rent out the entire freakin' country to shoot his latest music vid. 


Oh Snoop, that’s ridiculous. But it’s not the only ridiculous thing that celebrities have tried to rent. After talking to our network of Hollywood informants, we discovered* 9 other ridiculous and decadent things that celebs have tried to rent.

* (made up)


9. Ke$ha – Diddy’s Bed

Satin sheets, hand carved oak and P. Diddy. Kei$sha wanted to know if that dollar sign in her name was good for something. Also, she wanted to know what it feels like to wake up with talent.


8. Scarlett Johansson – Giant Bra Statue

It's not enough to be rich, beautiful and have huge knockers… she wanted a statue to pay homage to her bodacious tatas, so she tried to rent this ridiculous statue that sits out in the middle of the desert. I’ve never been jealous of a giant desert statue before.


7. Miley Cyrus – Montana

Miley takes copyright infringement very seriously. Not to mention she's just ridiculous. Montana thanked her for the offer, but told her that they'd really rather she just change the name of her show.


6. Mel Gibson – The Gibson Amphitheater

Obviously he liked the name. But this decadence had a purpose… he’s not happy with how the poorly recorded bootleg tapes of him being crazy sound. His kind of racist rants deserve a GREATEST sound system in the world.


5. Snooki – Nuclear Powered Tanning Bed

Never one to cut corners, Snookie told scientists that she would pay any amount. But since nuclear powered tanning beds hasn’t been invented yet, scientists told her that she’ll have to get cancer the old-fashioned way.


4. LeBron James – The Grand Canyon

Outlandish! You can't rent The Grand Canyon… but he's gotta store that tremendous ego SOMEWHERE!


3. Kim Kardashian – Worlds Largest Pants

Why in God's name would anyone want to rent the worlds largest pants? This is pure ridiculousness. But there's plenty of room in the back of these bad boys for Kim to put her giant wallet.


2. Lindsay Lohan – The City Of Las Vegas

Big pretty city… bright sparkly lights… It was the only place capable of handling her kind of partying. If only she had rented Vegas sooner… Because we all know that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and also in Lindsay’s liver.


1. Justin Bieber – Chuck E Cheese's

When the Biebs throws a party, he doesn't just go to Chuck E. Cheese's he rents out the entire restaurant, nay, the entire chain! Rumor has it that Justin loves to get into the ball cage and just roll around in those balls! It's so decadent to be just covered in balls! Don't you wanna be on the guest list?


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