Someone Discovered the Horrors of Front-Facing ‘Simpsons’ Characters

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Twitter user @butchcoded pointed out something many of us have ignored while watching The Simpsons for over a decade — how horrifying the characters look while they’re facing forwards. In fact, we’re so used to seeing Lisa, Marge, Bart, Homer, Maggie, and the other Springfield residents at an angle that we may have never realized how awful they’ve looked from the front. Well that avoidance ends today, because screengrabs.

Even the people who work on the show are scared of the monsters that are created when these characters face forward…

So is there anything more cursed than a front-facing Simpsons character? YUP, a front-facing Phineas and Ferb character!

Are there other cartoon characters that you’ve noticed look absolutely hideous straight on? Share those screengrabs with us @Smosh!