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Spock Is Gay???

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Star Trek and Heroes star Zachary Quinto publicly came out Sunday during an interview with New York magazine. While talking about his role as a homosexual in the off-Broadway play Angels in America, Quinto simply stated "as a gay man, it made me feel like I — there's still so much work to be done." And that is a damn cool way to do it.

"It's like barely even a thing."

Zachary Quinto came off as an actor talking about a role and how it affects him personally. He talked about it in the context of his job. He talked about it like a real person. It was simple and understated and an amazing way to be upfront about it. By simply dropping it into conversation, Quinto is saying what a lot of gay teens need to hear- that being gay is normal and it doesn't have to define you. Zachary Quinto didn't hold a press conference or start an Alternate Reality Game. It was basically like he announced he has elbows.


I am glad that the media is playing this so positively. The focus of the coverage has been a general "good for him" and then focusing on his work in the anti-bullying campaign It Gets Better. The only thing that's bothered me were a couple of news outlets who subtley tried to imply that, yeah, they pretty much had it figured out. "Playing so many gay roles over the years had lead to speculation that.." You know what? Even if you did know, shut up. You sound like that guy who walks out of the Sixth Sense all "Oh, you mean you didn't guess the twist, like, forty seconds in?"

"I mean, you were WATCHING the movie, right?"

Ideally, this would be a non-story. Ideally, Zachary Quinto could say he was gay and it would be treated with the same amount of interest as if Zachary Quinto had said he likes Rolo McFlurries better than Reese's McFlurries.

"Playing SO MANY Rolo McFlurry loving roles over the years had lead to speculation that…"

No matter how you slice it, Zachary Quinto made a choice because he thought he could help some kids who feel alone. That is really really great. And in terms of our relationship with him, as fans of his work with a character we all love, his sexuality is literally as important as his choice in McFlurry.

Let us know what you think about Zachary Quinto's rad way of coming out in the comments!!


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