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Spongebob Arrested After L.A. Street Fight!

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It has not been a good week for everyone's favorite squarepants-wearing sponge! First a scientific study accused him of ruining kids' brains. And now a Spongebob impersonator has been arrested for engaging in some fisticuffs on Hollywood Boulevard! Here he is being taken into custody, looking like a totally goofy goober:


Oh and I forgot to mention, Spongebob totally got beat down by two 'ladies.' I know, right?


The incident occurred on Hollywood Boulevard in front of the world famous Graumann's Chinese Theater. This area is a very popular tourist destination and always has a ton of people trying to scrape up a buck or two by dressing up as popular characters and entertaining visitors. Based on the video, it looks like Spongebob was trying to engage the two women and then some sheeeet went down. I don't know what, but the only thing that would make sense is that he said something along the lines of this:


Cause all of a sudden the ladies started bitch-slapping the hell out of ol' Spongebob. Police were called, tourists were enthralled. It was what you'd call a real Hollywood scene! Strangely enough this isn't even the first time a character has been involved in an incident at Graumann's. Chewbacca and Spiderman have also been detained for their own tawdry behavior. So all in all it was a pretty sad sight to see…a beloved childhood hero taken down by two skanks, handcuffed and abandoned in a gutter in Hollywood. Where dreams go to die, indeed.


All of the participants were detained and released after no one wanted to press charges. So yeah, worst week ever, Spongebob! He can add getting his ass kicked by two women to the other great fails in Spongebob history. Like this one:


And here's a look at the sad, sad beat down:

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