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The Stab Proof Vest That Wasn’t

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If you’re going to test out a stab proof vest you shouldn’t test it on a friend…

But if you must test it on a friend… make sure it’s really stab proof.

A 31 year-old man has stabbed and killed his 18 year-old friend while trying to test out what they thought was a stab proof vest.

I don’t understand why you would even take the chance of hurting your friend just to test out a vest and there must have been a ton of better ways to test out this vest.

For example don’t stab your friend somewhere it could kill him! This is common sense. Another way would be maybe to just put it on a wall and stab the wall, this was not a hard thing to come up with a safer solution for.

I want to know why a 31 year-old man is hanging out with an 18 year-old, that just seems odd to me. If you are a parent please do not let your child hang out with friends that are 13 years older then them because something like this is bound to happen.

So the older man is now being charged of man slaughter… but is pleading not guilty to the charge.

Seriously though even if your intention wasn’t to kill your friend, you still know what you did was dumb and this man, as much as he hates to admit it, has to go to jail for his own stupidity.


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