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Star Wars Fans Rejoice(Ish?): Totally Just Fine Director JJ Abrams Is Helming ‘Episode IX’

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While we Star Wars fans are still waiting to find out the identity of the last Jedi in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (even if it’s kind of obvious), Disney and Lucasfilm are already looking ahead to Episode IX. Jurassic World helmer Colin Trevorrow was set to direct the movie, until he was sh*t-canned for reportedly being difficult to work with (read: a d-bag). Today, we found out who is going to step in on a movie as gigantic and important as Star Wars, and it’s someone who has experience with a movie as gigantic and important as Star Wars — The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams.

jj abrams star wars jj
Here we see JJ Abrams not with his Star Wars actors but with his actual adult sons.

Choosing JJ Abrams to direct the final film of the biggest trilogy in cinema history is, well, totally fine. While he certainly doesn’t make bad movies, JJ Abrams has also yet to make a truly great movie. His Mission: Impossible III? Rock solid! Super 8? It almost had me feeling feelings! The Force Awakens? Sure, that movie was brilliant, but it’s not hard to be brilliant when you’re allowed to copy/paste new characters into one of the best movies ever made.

jj abrams star wars paint by numbers
PICTURED: The Force Awakens shooting script.

It seems like there’s been a lot of turmoil in Star Wars movies lately, not only with Trevorrow leaving Episode IX but Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s sudden departure from the Han Solo spin-off three weeks before the end of shooting. Lucasfilm should be counting its lucky stars it has someone who can fix it when things get tough — with this move, JJ Abrams is truly cementing himself as the daddy of Star Wars. But like all children, Lucasfilm should start preparing themselves for when they have to handle these kinds of issues themselves — daddy won’t be around forever.

jj abrams star trek
JJ Abrams does have a history of telling his franchise he’s just going out for a pack of smokes.

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