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‘Stranger Things 2’ Clip Reveals How Eleven Escapes the Upside Down

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Heads up, if you haven’t seen season 1 of Stranger Things, this goes into things that happen in Stranger Things season 1.

MCM Comic Con revealed a new exclusive clip from the upcoming season of the internet’s favorite show Stranger Things showing exactly how Eleven escapes The Upside Down. When we last saw Eleven, it appeared that she had been killed sacrificing herself to save her friends from the Demagorgon (or was at least trapped in The Upside Down forever, post-Demagorgon showdown). But after Chief Hopper hid some Eggo waffles out in the woods in the last scene of the season finale, we were pretty hopeful we’d see Eleven again. The new clip lets us know how Eleven returns to Hawkins, and it’s… kind of anti-climactic but also still pretty cool?

As you can see in the clip, Eleven uses her mysterious powers to rip open some kind of gooey portal between The Upside Down and Hawkins Middle School, where the climax of season one took place. Judging by Eleven’s pink dress and buzzcut, it looks like she escaped The Upside Down soon after the epic showdown with the Demagorgon. It’s clear from the season 2 trailers that Eleven has grown a mop of hair since she last saw Mike and the gang, which tells us that a hefty amount of time has passed between the moment she escaped and when she shows up again. So we have to wonder what Eleven’s been doing this entire time (besides devouring Eggo waffles like it’s her religion).

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