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Student Being Banned From Prom Over Romantic Proposal

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In a scandal that some television reporters are referring to 'Tate Gate', Connecticut high school senior James Tate has been banned from his Senior Prom for what was essentially a creative way to ask his date to the prom.


I mean what girl wouldn't want to be asked in giant 2-foot letters on the side of your school? He didn't damage property, the letters were made of cardboard and were taped to the wall and James expected to be asked to take them down which he was happy to do, but it didn't even occur to him that he could actually be banned from the very event that he was asking Sanoli to.


"I did it to make her feel special and I think that I accomplished that." James joked with press, but it's really no laughing matter at this point because even though the mayor of Shelton and the governor of Connecticut have both spoken out saying that the punishment does not seem to fit the crime, Tate's headmaster is sticking firm to her decision to ban him from his own prom.

I mean I would understand if this guy was a trouble maker who had been suspended and was always in the headmaster's office… but from what I can tell he's just a really nice guy, and an A student who studies and works hard, and wanted to make his prom date feel special.


This horrible case of total and absolute injustice has of course gone viral. You can't turn on your TV or log onto the internet without seeing a story about James. He was on Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week.

Even Jimmy Kimmel couldn't believe they aren't gonna let this guy go to prom. It's total insanity.

I mean, anyone who hears the story honestly can't believe that this is his punishment. The Facebook page made to help fight this injustice has almost 200,000 "likes" at this point.


And students at his school have taken to making their own homemade "Send Tate To Prom" banners on their clothes.


The students at Shelton High aren't giving up on James going to prom! There's talk of a sit-in protest and some students are even talking about throwing a special alternate prom that James could attend with his date… but James really isn't into that idea… he smiled and told the press that he would not attend an alternate prom, "Unless Kanye West or Dave Matthews Band were performing." At this point… who's to say that wouldn't happen?

What the hell is wrong with this headmaster woman? She's acting like some kind of fascist dictator and not the headmaster of a school that deals with kids.

Why can't she just admit that this is one of those rules that doesn't make sense for everyone. Show the students that sometimes there are rules, and sometimes those rules can change when they are unfair. Give this graduating class something to believe in as they step out into the real world.

What do you think about this situation? Is his headmaster just plain wrong? Do you think that what he did was all that bad? What would be a suitable punishment for this "crime"? Let's chat in the comments.

Update: According to Tate's Facebook, this morning the administration has changed their mind, and he is GOING to prom now. Yeah!

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