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Students To Face Breathalyzer At School Dance

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We've all seen some drunken dope making a fool of themselves at the school dance. I mean, it can be pretty funny.

But no more drunk dancing at one Ohio High School.

Starting with the February 5th Sweetheart Dance all students attending dances at Medina High School must pass a Breathalyzer test to get in the door.

Medina High School "police" say the new policy was effected after two students showed up drunk for the fall homecoming dance. (Way to ruin it for the whole school D-bags!)

The new policy also has a strict dance dress code and a ban on any and all sexually suggestive dancing.

Superintendent Randy Stepp told press that his school has enacted the new policy to keep students safe and "uphold community values."

Wait a minute! This is starting to sound familiar. Oh yeah, that's right…

This high school is totally ripping off the movie Footloose! Remember how well all the rules worked out in that movie? Now all Medina High School needs is a rebel new kid with a dream and a buttload of confetti!

(If you haven't seen Footloose RENT IT! It's awesome!)

Do you think breathalyzers at school dances is a good idea? Tell us in the comments below!


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