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Students Refusing Tracking ID Cards Unable to Vote for Homecoming?

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John Jay High School in San Antoni, Texas, has launched a new program to increase attendance. The "Student Locator Project" requires students to wear their microchip-embedded school IDs around their necks at all times and have their location tracked and monitored.

monitoring room
"KSSHHT – We've got a teen purchasing some Reese's Pieces from a vending machines after designated vending time hours. Can I get a couple security teams down there? – KSSHHHT"

And now, apparently, the students refusing to use the new IDs are not going to be allowed to vote for Homecoming court. One objector, Andrea Hernandez, has been told that if she continues to refuse the new IDs, she won't be allowed to vote for homecoming royalty. This is, of course, deplorable, as the most vital, inalienable right of any high school student is the right to choose which popular kid is the MOST popular and will therefore rule over them.

homecoming queen wins
"I promise I will use this honor bestowed upon me to continue making you
feel bad about yourselves."


At the same time, there are a number of parents in favor of the system, saying they want to know that their child is safe and in school. But no one is acknowledging the hidden cost of that knowledge. These kids are going to grow up with the knowledge that there is someone looking over thier shoulder. They're going to grow up thinking that they're numbers being tracked in a system, not people. And maybe not conciously, they're going to grow up thinking that they are doing something WRONG.

happy girl scouts
These children's happiness is a front because they know they're being watched.

I'm not saying that this might be a worthy trade-off. But those hidden costs are important and need to be acknowledged. It's like ordering a concert ticket from Ticketmaster — a 25 dollar ticket STARTS OUT at 25 dollars, but once you add in the hidden charges like tax, convenience fees, order processing fees, service fees, dervice fees, proprietary costs, and all appropriate tariffs, your concert ticket may end up costing over 32,500 dollars.

ticketmaster ticket
Hold on, DERVICE fees?

Is this move okay for the school district to make? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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