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Study: Teens Crave Self-Esteem More Than Sex Or Pizza

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So what do teens crave? Sex? Drugs? Booze? Money? Food? Fast cars? The internet? Time with their friends? WRONG!

According to research by social scientists at Ohio State University & Brookhaven National Laboratory, teens crave self-esteem most of all.

The scientists surveyed the 280 college students to see what motivated them in two separate projects.

The teens involved in the survey ranked compliments, such as getting praise for high test scores, higher than rewards like money, sex, food or even spending time with friends.

Brad Bushman, a psychology professor at Ohio State University who headed the research team told Reuters, "We purposely chose things that we thought college students love. Most of the participants were around 19. College students love drinking, they love sex. They are poor; they love money and getting a paycheck," but they love compliments even more.

Everyone wants to feel worthy. Everyone wants to feel good enough.

There is some controversy about the test results. Some believe that because things like sex, booze, and drugs are readily available on college campuses the students don't care about them as much. They are within in their control. However, good grades and positive feedback are harder to come by, so the students crave it more. Compliments are not something they can give to themselves.

Other studies have been conducted and they seem to back up the original theory that teens crave positive feedback, and to feel good about themselves more than anything else. A good lesson for parents out there who are trying to motivate their teens.

We want to know what you think about this survey! Would you rather have a cheeseburger or a compliment? Tell us in the comments below!


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