Stupid Baby Tricks

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Have a really boring baby lying around? Wishing you had something fun to do with it? Well, here are some entertaining ideas.

Just remember to be careful. Babies are fragile!

Baby Mop

The baby mop is fairly self-explanatory.

Basically you put the baby is the onesie made of mop, put baby on floor, and watch the magic happen.

Baby Heels

These are baby heels for the little girl wanting to look fierce on the runway, but unable to walk yet.

Baby Wigs

It’s weird that babies don’t come with hair. Luckily over at Baby Toupee you can resolve this with a variety of celebrity wigs.

“The Donald” (Trump) is a great look for all babies, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender.

Baby Hamburger


Baby Air Freshener

This is just a costume.

Regardless of how good or bad your baby smells, your baby is not a car or room freshener of any kind.

Summer Baby Boil

Goes great with butter sauce!

Baby Weave

So that Baby Toupee didn’t work out? Give your baby a full on weave.

Your baby will love it as much as this baby does!

What’s your favorite baby trick?

(By the way, this was just too good, we couldn’t help but showing it to you….)