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8 Summer Jobs That Will Help You Score with Chicks

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Summer is just around the twenty-five day-long corner, so it’s time to start thinking about what to do during those months, unless you happen to enjoy sitting on the couch watching TV all day… okay, don’t respond to that. For a lot of people this means it's time to get that summer job to make a little money so that you can have a little fun. But remember, not all summer jobs are created equal. Some summer jobs have certain perks that go with them… like scoring with chicks. If you get the right job you'll bring home the bacon, and a little honey too.


1. Work at a pet store


Nothing lures in girls like small puppies. (That sounds a little creepy.) Get some extremely adorable puppies, and you’ll have girls barking up your tree all summer.


2. Toddler walker


The only thing girls like more than dogs are little kids who can’t talk. Like a dog walker, a toddler walker would attach leashes to too many kids. Like Biggy said, “Walk babies, get money.” Or something like that.


3. Sell knock-off purses in Rome


American tourist girls love their fake designer purses. And, worst case scenario, where you don’t end up finding any girls, you’ll still be in Rome.


4. Agent or Talent Manager


Not like a secret agent dummy, a talent agent. Every chick wants to be a star. For this one to work all you have to do is sit in diners or crowded food court with your friends and talk very loudly about how you're casting a music video for an A-List pop star and you just can't find the right girl with the right look for this project. You've seen EVERYONE in Hollywood and just haven't found the right girl… then rattle off some qualities of whatever girls might be sitting within earshot… "Where am I going to find a brunette with braces and a bob who can do the electric slide in the next 24 hours!????" Then sit back and collect the phone numbers.


5. Work at the Genius Bar


Dumb (and smart) blondes love their iMacs and iPods, but they have no idea how to use them. However, beware the elderly; they are ruthless in their question-asking.


6. Sell ice cream


Everyone loves ice cream… especially hot girls… because they are so hot they need something to cool down… right?


7. Work on a cruise


Free trip to Hawaii! Or Greece! Or the Caribbean! And you’re on a boat, meaning all the girls there are stuck with you. P.S. Avoid ships of… titanic proportions.


8. Photographer


Just walk around the beach with a camera and a pocket full of business cards (that you made for free online). Walk up to any girl you like, hand her a card, and let her know you'd love to shoot some shots of her for your portfolio. Works every time.

What are you doing this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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