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‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Has Already Sold Over 2 Million Copies (Probably Because It Is the Best Game Ever Made)

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And they say the sales racket is tough — turns out, if you just create and package pure joy, everyone will buy it. That’s what Nintendo is finding out from the last few days, as Super Mario Odyssey, the 3D exploration-based platformer that was just released this Friday, has already sold more than 2 million copies. That’s, like, a ton of copies.

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For comparison, this weird penguin Mario ripoff sold zero copies.

It was during an earnings call yesterday that Nintendo dropped the news of Odyssey‘s success, and while it should logically follow that a good game means good sales, it is still a relief to hear that was the case. We know 2D Mario games sell way more than 3D Mario games because, according to Nintendo, a lot of folks can’t wrap their minds around moving a character in a 3D space. That was initially surprising to me — I was like, aren’t most people’s lives 3D? But then I remembered that my life isn’t even 2D.

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It’s 1D.

Plus, with Odyssey being the most wide-open Mario game since 1996’s Nintendo 64 launch title Super Mario 64, I was worried that the secret- and exploration-based gameplay might not resonate in 2017. But it turns out, wonder and joy is universal.

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That said, it is insane that 2 million people were okay with this.

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