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10 Superheroes That Most Deserve A Movie!

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Okay, so rumor has it that they’re going to make a Captain Planet movie. Awesome, 1 down. We just need to make sure that the rest of the under-appreciated superheroes get their due diligence. So I decided to put together a list of the 10 superheroes that most deserve a movie.


10. Captain Marvel


This guy was the shizzz! He was like Superman but stronger, The Flash but faster, and Thor but more handsome. He was also one of the pioneers of the comic book industry and it would be nice to see the story of a guy that hasn’t been overdone to death. And can we please not cast The Rock…


9. Darkwing Duck


How is this not a movie yet? This often-clumsy hero had all the makings of a great underdog story. Forget another boxing movie where the lesser fighter comes out on top. I wanna see THAT,  only with a duck wearing people clothes.


8. Blue Beetle


, quail, manThis wise cracking gadget-making hero is the perfect mix of Batman and fun. He’s a young, cool guy just going about his day saving the planet. It’s a new story and so long as they don’t cast Seth Rogen, it could be a major hit.


7. Quail Man


A hero that has lived on in a post-Doug world as the go-to ironic hip Halloween costume all across college campuses, this guy needs a movie. The problem with most superheroes is their undercover persona isn’t relatable. Doug is totes relatable you guys! He is bullied at school, has a crush on a cute friend, and loves the Beats. Who doesn’t LOVE the Beats!? Quail Man could be the Obama of superheroes.


6. Aquaman


Underwater city, mystical universe, assimilating to Earth culture; it literally is a fish out of water story. Hollywood needs to step up, cast Vincent Chase, and make this thing already. Get me Cameron on the phone! LLOYYYYYYD!


5. Wonder Woman 


Forget the TV show, this chick needs a franchise. Emma Stone looks bored and this would be the perfect fit for her. They can ditch the whole 70s look and just make it about a young girl fighting in a man’s world. If two Sex and the City movies have taught us anything it’s that young women these days are seriously lacking a positive role model.


4. Math Blaster


This is catch phrase city you guys! “Time for you to become an imaginary number…” POW! “Looks like we’re a bit divided better carry the one…” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!? I DON’T KNOW! BUT IT’S AWESOME! If you want to educate a child, give him or her a book, if you want to educate a country, give them a super hero.


3. Mega Man


So he’s not “technically” a super hero but tell me you wouldn’t watch the sh*t out of that movie. The music, the helmet, the villains, it’s MADE for the big screen. He’d make Iron Man look like a wounded kitten. Plus it’d be nice to have a super hero that was actually under 40 for once.


2. Gambit


Stop doing a crap job with out favorite X-Man Hollywood! He needs more than a cameo appearance in a turrable movie, he needs a franchise. I wanna see the Cajun ragin’ man. I wanna see him find his first deck of cards, meet Rogue, buy that weird purple chest piece thing he wears. You wanna do super heroes right movieland? Than do the right superheroes.


1. The Tick


Put Puddy back in this role and bring it to theaters everywhere ASAP! This show was hilarious and it was never given a real chance. The style was weird and kind of out-dated but by simply making everything a little more modern and putting some money behind it, you could have a real hit here. In fact, I say we start a facebook group for it. 1,000,000,000 strong for The Tick movie.

What do you say guys? What superheroes do you think should get a movie deal. Let me know in the comments section below or by bellowing at me on twitter, @danborrelli

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