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T-Shirts I Don’t Want To Be Arrested In

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Not that I want to be arrested at all, but if I was to be arrested for, let say, one of my pants-optional power walks through Curves, I dont want my mug shot to appear on the nightly news wearing one of these shirts.


I Am The Law

Apparently this guy is the law but was arrested by the law, the singularity that ensues causes the surprised expression on his face.


For Rent By The Hour

This guy may be for rent by the hour, but is under contract with the the state penal system for the next 5 to 10 years.


MOTORCYCLES Helping Ugly People Look Sexy Since 1903

Unfortunately for this man there are no motorcycles where he is going, the good news is that there will be sex.


Got Jesus?

I think this lady wants to find God but he might be hiding from her.


Do I Look Like I Care?

No sir.

By all estimations you do not look as if you care. I can't tell if this is his mug shot or high school photo. Maybe both?


Stupidity Is Not A Crime…

No sir, it is not a crime. But it is most likely the reason you are being arrested.


I (Heart) Midget Porn

Well who doesn't?


Hi, I Don't Care. THANKS.

I like the fact that she is polite enough to say thanks, and that the word "thanks" is much larger than the other words so it's like she her chest is yelling at me (which oddly enough is the title of a book I have coming out next year, look for "Her chest is yelling at me," at your favorite bookstore).

The lesson that we can take away from this is that its best not to get arrested at all, but if you do, a nice button down would be best.


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