Taco Bell Sauce Packets Are Chips Now, and We Have Some Super-Specific Ideas for New Flavors

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“I just wanna find a God, and I hope she loves me too.” Janelle Monáe’s lyrics have never felt more fulfilled than now because Taco Bell has released chips flavored like their Fire and Mild sauces. (They’ve technically also released a flavor called “classic” but those are just normal tortilla chips. Let’s face it, Taco Bell can’t always be perfect.) Anyway, these Taco Bell chips have inspired us — we have a few of our own super-specific flavor ideas to expand their new line.


Fire, but from a packet left in the sun for two hours

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Real fire comes from the sun, and we want to experience it in chip form.


Verde made from the last packet of verde sauce ever made

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Taco Bell discontinued Verde sauce a long time ago, probably because it wasn’t that great (sorry loyal devotees). But the support behind the sauce has to make that last precious packet taste like magic (instead of verde sauce, which again, so sorry, was gross).


Hot from a packet forgotten at a bus stop

bus stop outside

How long has this Hot packet been at the bus stop? No one knows, but we believe in the endurance and sustainability of Taco Bell sauce. Power that chip!


Mild that was in the fridge

refrigerator open filled

Do these packets even need to go in the fridge? This groundbreaking chip will find out!


Diablo mistaken for Berry Frose syrup and put through the slurpee/frozen drink machine

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It’s sweet! It’s spicy! It’s cold! It might be chunky! And just the thought of its chip dust is making us drool.


Every Taco Bell sauce flavor – drinking it straight

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Move over Gatorade, these hydrating liquid-filled chip bags will give the body every electrolyte needed and shock it into a salty state of bliss.


A glass bottle of Mild sauce bought on Amazon and broken during shipping

mild sauce bottle

The glass chunks will further expose our taste buds to the amazing and best Taco Bell sauce there is. Let’s hear it now: Mild! Mild! Mild! Uh-oh, got a little blood… Mild! Mild! Mild!

Got any Taco Bell chip flavors of your own? Share them with me on twitter@laradeford!