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No, Taylor Swift Doesn’t "Support Logan Paul"

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While we’re all sick of hearing the term “fake news”, this is one of those actual fake news stories that unfortunately went viral. One Twitter account posing as entertainment news outlet E! circulated a fake headline insinuating that Taylor Swift was supporting Logan Paul after he posted a video showing (and snickering at) the body of a suicide victim in Japan. Although a couple of clicks would tell anyone that the headline was fake, it didn’t stop a flurry of Taylor Swift haters from jumping on the bandwagon to drag her for quotes she never even made

While the above quotes and captions appear to come from entertainment site/network E!, a closer inspection would tell anyone that the Twitter account reporting the above story is fake. The copycat account was created just this month, and only has 84 followers. Despite these obvious giveaways, the E! logo and background on the account seems to have tricked enough people into believing this was a real story, as the tweet itself got over 700 retweets and over 1,700 likes. The article linked in the tweet even takes users straight to a legitimate E! article about Logan’s Japan vlog, but the article makes no mention of Taylor Swift whatsoever. While many quickly caught on, many, many more users completely bought it and relished the fabricated quotes and headline.

Let this be a lesson to us all that now, more than ever, we need to be mindful of reading headlines on our feeds and immediately accepting them as legitimate news stories, especially when it comes to Taylor Swift quotes on current events. Remember, Taylor Swift literally never comments on anything other than herself, her music, or her squad, and that should have been the biggest giveaway of all.

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