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Taylor Swift Has a Grandma Dopplegänger and It’s Amazing

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Taylor Swift has more dopplegängers than Instagram has filters. Well, not really, but there are now multiple people who bear an uncanny resemblance to the mysterious 1989 singer. Today, we learned about another one — someone’s grandma looks exactly like Taylor Swift (as a grandma).

You’ll remember Taylor’s first dopplegänger, the sylin’ ’80s Satanist…

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And of course there was the Australian fan who styled her hair and makeup to make herself into Taylor Swift’s long lost twin…

Is it a bird? Is it a cat-lover? #noitsliv #catmosphere #sydney #cats

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But the latest and greatest Taylor Swift twinsie to hit the internet has been brought to us by Reddit/Instagram user Christmaspencil, who uploaded this photo of their grandma looking EXACTLY like Taylor Swift 40 years in the future:

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The greatest part of this photo is that it makes it look like Taylor Swift’s will end up with a man who looks like Hugh Hefner’s extra pervy younger brother (seriously, that guy has pinched a lot of bottoms). You hear that, Calvin Harris? Better put a ring on it before Taylor sees this photo and starts looking up Hefner relatives on Facebook! You know that’s what she’s going to do — she has no choice. It’s her destiny.


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