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Taylor Swift Makes Funny Faces in Her ‘Delicate’ Video, and the Internet Can Relate

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While Taylor Swift isn’t exactly the most relatable celebrity on the planet, she did show the world that she can be as goofy as the next person in her new music video for “Delicate”.

The video starts with Taylor feeling “trapped” by her fame, with people gawking at her and wanting a piece of her at every corner. At one point in the video, Taylor takes out her frustrations and boredom with her fame on her face, making hideous funny faces in a fancy bathroom mirror…

After making her faces in the mirror, Taylor finds herself to be magically invisible, and she proceeds to do what any of us who’ve experienced a random bout of invisibility have done: perform an awkward, elaborate interpretive dance around everyone…

While Twitter had, well, let’s say mixed feelings about the video, they really got behind were those hideous faces.

And now, pretty much every frame of the video has become a meme.

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