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Teen Epidemic: Getting High Online With iDosing

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Last week Oklahoma News 9 featured a report on how teenagers were using digital drugs to get high. By listening to mp3 tracks accompanied by psychedelic graphics young computer users have experience states of euphoria and even hallucinations similar to the once experienced on hard drugs.



Oklahoma’s Mustang Public School district isn’t taking any chances. It has banned all iPods and mp3 devices on its campuses and has also sent a letter to parents alerting them of the potential crisis.



Here at Smosh we have uncovered the latest piece of cyber contraband circulating the Internet. It is called Gate Of Hades 2 (apparently a sequel to the popular iDose video “Gate Of Hades”). Please watch at your own risk.



Shocking, right?!?



Actually, it’s not. What’s shocking is that people would think that videos like this could really get them high.

We made this video in ten minutes using iMovie and a bunch of random photos. It produces no psychotropic effects whatsoever, except maybe giving you a headache.



Now that you know the truth, show it to a friend and see if you can get them to admit to “trippin' balls” from watching it.

Then show them this article and let them know that they are idiots.


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