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Teen Gets Botox, Loses Ability To Text

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Would you give up texting to treat your sweaty palms?

Imagine you're an average teen girl, but you have a horrible secret. You have sweaty palms. Not like normal sweaty palms… you have a condition called hyperhidrosis which causes your palms to sweat so much that they literally drip with moisture, pretty much all day long.

But then you hear about an experimental treatment. Seems that sometimes treating hyperhidrosis with Botox injects can give the person suffering from the sweats some temporary relief. It's not a permanent fix to the problem but for those who suffer, they'll do just about anything to stop the dripping.


The problem is that Botox (which works great to treat hyperhidrosis in the armpits) has been known to be "problematic" when used to treat the palms or the feet. But you'd literally do anything to stop your hands from dripping day and night so you decide to give it a try.


So she gets 30 injections in her palms and then 3 in each finger and her palms are dry for 6 months…


The only side effect being that her thumbs were basically paralyzed by the Botox making it really hard to control them, and that made it just about impossible for her to send text messages.


Doctors have labeled this condition 'transitory texting impairment."

The good news is that after about 6 weeks she regained use of her thumbs and she is now considering having the treatment done again.

Could Botox be used to treat people obsessed with texting or playing video games?

What would you do? Would you give up texting to treat a problem like sweaty palms?

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