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Teens Arrested For Spinach Attack

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The latest trend in stupidity amongst young people seems to be a prank called "Fire in the hole!"

However a 17-year-old dude has been arrested for a "Fire in the hole" gone wrong.

And no, "Fire in the hole" has nothing to do with farts.

"Fire in the hole" is a prank where teens pull up to a drive-through window and tape themselves throwing food or drinks at the person working the drive-through window. Sounds lame enough, but how could something that usually ends in buring rubber and laughs like this go so wrong?

I'll tell you. A 21-year-old Boston Market drive-through window clerk was covered with 2nd degree burns when some dumb 17-year-old threw a container of hot creamed spinach in his face as part of a "Fire in the hole" prank. He was basically doused with hot spinach lava.

The teen ended up turning himself in, and was booked on suspicion of committing battery and causing great bodily harm and faces a lot of very expensive legal troubles. What a dummy.

Turns out there's a lot more videos of "Fire in the hole" pranks going wrong then there are of successful attempts.

These teens were arrested after posting a video of them pulling a "Fire in the hole" prank and putting it up on YouTube.

When the drive-through window worker found the video on YouTube, she turned it into the police who promptly arrested them and made them video tape an apology to the window worker.

What do you think of this whole "Fire in the hole" business?


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