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Teens Getting Knocked Up Just To Be On Teen Mom?

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It seems like people will do almost anything to get on television these days, but getting pregnant to land a role on a reality show? Could that be true?

According to mysterious and anonymous Hollywood insiders it IS true. Teen Mom cast members are now aging into their 20's and MTV is looking to cast the next generation of Teen Moms for shows like 'Teen Mom' and '16 And Pregnant' and what better way to get on a show like that than to get pregnant, right?

These "insiders" are now reporting that teen girls are so eager to be on these MTV's hit reality shows that they are actually GETTING PREGNANT in hopes of landing a role on one of these shows.

I know times are tight but that seems like a big commitment to make just to land an audition. Maybe it's something more sinsiter…

Is pregnancy contagious? It would seem so. I mean, Megan Nelson the sidekick and frequent babysitter for teen mom Chelsea Houska saw all the attention her friend Chelsea was getting on the show, and suddenly she mysteriously ended up getting pregnant too.

A lot of people speculated that she got pregnant for the sole purpose of getting more airtime on the show. Is MTV's hit show actually promoting teen pregnancy? Well, duh!

Being selected as an MTV Teen Mom means a lot of things… these girls get a reported $60,000 a season to have their lives obsessively documented. To girls like this, that is a lot of money. Millions of people tune in to watch them live their lives in front of the cameras. They generate more press and publicity than celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

One person online wrote… "Don't these ppl on teen mom get like $5000 an episode? If I were being paid that much for 13 hour long episodes, I'd get pregnant too." What? Really? That's insane.

Let's do some basic math… it costs at LEAST $250,000 to raise a child who is born in the year 2011… So you'd have to be on the show for at least 4 years just to cover the cost of the baby and nothing else… that's if you put every penny you got from the show toward your baby alone and didn't spend any money on stupid things like food, rent, scratchers or paying taxes.

In other words, it's going to cost you a lot more to have the baby and raise it than you're going to make doing the show dummy.

So tell me what you think. Would you get knocked up just to be on TV? How stupid are these girls? Let's discuss in the comments.

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