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This Thanksgiving, Try Roadkill Instead Of Turkey

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Look guys, we're in a recession. A lot of people can't even afford turkey with the price of a bird going up every year but never fear, Midwest hunter Buck Peterson has written a book called "The Original Roadkill Cookbook" (Ten Speed Press).

The best way to have a cost effective Thanksgiving is to serve your guests freshly grilled roadkill instead of stupid old turkey and there's so much variety out there on the highway: bear, deer, raccoon, possum, dog, and God knows what else you can find out on the open highway. But remember, the key is to find FRESH roadkill, day-old roadkill isn't going to cut the mustard for a proper Thanksgiving feast.

According to AAA statistics an estimated 42.2 million people will travel at least 50 miles to reach their Thanksgiving destination, with air travel being so expensive and the TSA causing all sorts of problems more people are getting to their Thanksgiving destinations via car. The more cars on the road = more fresh delicious roadkill too!

This book has so many delicious recipes like Pavement Possum, Windshield Wabbit, Hussed Puppies and Highway Hash and many more recipes for the roadside shopper.

"This time of year is perfect for nabbing a deer on the road. The rut is on, and bucks are only thinking about romance, so they're being much more careless about crossing busy roads to get to the does," Buck told AOL News. "In these next three weeks, there are very high chances for fresh meat straight off the road."

"You don't want to show up to Grandma's house empty-handed," Buck went on to tell AOL News. "That's just rude. Show up with some deer meat, and everyone will love you."

Okay, the book is a joke… it's a real book, but it's written as a joke. Something you can keep in your bathroom to entertain Thanksgivng guests and a great gift for just about anybody this holiday season!

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten for Thanksgiving? Tell us in the comments below.


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