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The Office Intro, but With a Fluffy Good Boy Playing All the Parts

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Twitter user @H0bbitQueen shared a video her boss sent her, which features the fluffiest of Samoyed dogs recreating the opening of The Office. This version of The Office intro, being as cute and sweet as it is, instantly went viral (because D’AWWWWW!!!).

The star of the parody video is Enzo, and you should immediately follow him @Fluffyface_enzo and tell him what a good boy he is (even though he totally already knows). His owner Paulina was the architect of the video, and she describes him like this: “Enzo is unquestionably like Michael Scott. He wants everything to revolve around him and is an attention seeker — and when people aren’t paying attention to him he’ll act pretty goofy to get them to notice him.”

(Of course, for those who caught the “Nard Dog” reference, Enzo’s clearly a little bit of an Andy, too.)

What show intro do you want to see Enzo recreate next? Let us know @Smosh!